探索我们广袤的荒野. With fun and adventure never far away in the San Juan Mountains it makes it a perfect opportunity to explore.

Contact our local guides and rental companies for everything that you need for your Ouray adventure, 不管它是不是吉普车, 攀登设备, skis or bike.

Jeep & Side x Side


Ouray offers a host of opportunities to rent a Jeep or having one of our guiding services do the driving for you. We ask you to respect our backcountry by practicing #treadlightly and #leavenotrace.

  • Alpine equips its trucks with heated bucket seats and high lifts for superior viewing. Most of of their tours include multiple destinations and stops for waterfalls, 野花和历史遗迹. 乘坐风格和舒适的阿尔卑斯.


    (970) 318-6513


  • 高度冒险 offers top of the line Polaris RZR rentals equipped with touchscreen gps, 蓝牙音箱, roofs, and windshields. We drop off, pick up, gas up, and wash your atv rental as well as provide you a map with recommended routes and stops. 在你离开之前, 我们会带你四处转转, 回答任何问题, 并向您展示如何安全操作车辆. Drop off and pick up will primarily be at Camp Bird Trailhead servicing Yankee Boy Basin, Imogene Pass, 和总督盆地. We also offer drop off and pick up at Ironton Trailhead servicing Corkscrew, Hurricane, 以及通往阿尼玛斯福克斯的加州通道. 如果你有自己的机器, 但我们需要拖车服务, 给我们打个电话,我们也可以为你处理!

    803 Main St, Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 318-0287


  • All our rental Jeeps are equipped with the conveniences of your own car (Heat, AC, MP3 input, etc) as well as traction control to securely negotiate the grand terrain available in this corner of God’s creation.


    (970) 325-4833


  • Colorado West is located on Main Street and offers tours, jeep rentals, Razr and motorcycle rentals. Most of their tours include multiple destinations and stops for waterfalls, 野花和历史遗迹. Ride in style.701 Main St, Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 325-4014


  • 探索落基山脉,回到历史. See wild flowers, waterfalls, ghost towns, historic mining areas and wildlife (at their discretion). 在Uncompahgre国家森林中发现大自然之美.

    免费提供基本地图和建议路线. (see map and routes here) Vehicle Reservations are available for full day rentals only. A full day rental is between 6:00-8:00 PM one evening to 4:30 PM the following evening. 建议预订. 半天的租金为5小时,以每日可用性为基础, (不接受半日租金预订).


    (800) 207-2700


  • If you're looking for a fantastic way to explore the beautiful scenery around Ouray, Colorado, 考虑最好的外运吉普车租赁-吉普外运! 无论是计划去西尔弗顿还是特柳赖德旅行, Colorado, 或者西坡的任何地方, 你一定会爱上Jeep Ouray Rubicon Xtreme Recons的风格和舒适性.

    At Jeep Ouray, we've simplified the Jeep rental experience offering our guests a streamlined rental process that translates to more seat time on Ouray Alpine Loop and the surrounding San Juan Mountains backcountry. In addition, 我们已经简化了轮胎/挡风玻璃保险的租赁过程, 现场加油站, and the only Jeep wash in Ouray—a one-stop basecamp for your next adventure.

    1804 Main St, Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 325-4523


  • Kickstart your season with Ride-N冒险 in the scenic San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. Ranging from family adventures to scenic photo tours, you are sure to have a memorable trip!

    拥有超过30年的行业经验, customer satisfaction and great service is our key ingredient to returning customers and lasting relationships each season.


    (435) 310-0300


  • 和老行家一起骑...see why one family came back for 50+ years and why Disneyland executives paid us for rides!


    (970) 325-0089


  • 如果你在寻找一些特别的东西,壮丽的山景, 野花盛开的草地, 清澈的山涧, bighorn sheep, black bear, marmots, 或者白尾鹿, 这是一个你不想错过的经历. Choose from an adventurous Guided 4×4 tour, or treat yourself to a Private Jeep Safari. 为下一步做好准备? 租一辆吉普车,自己去探索连接Ouray的四驱车小径, Silverton, 莱克城和特柳赖德.


    (970) 325-4484




Red jeep tour


Jeep tour


Group on ATVs



想去攀岩? 通过费拉塔,从欧雷的三个人中挑一个过来? 电动自行车穿过市区? Backcounty ski? Canyoneering? 可能性是无限的! 我们的导游在探险世界的许多方面都是专业人士. 看看什么最适合你的愿望.

Basecamp Ouray

Basecamp Ouray是关于将人们与史诗般的户外联系起来, 致其他冒险家, 对他们自己. 攀登只是催化剂. 我们是当地的导游,在社区里扎根.




(970) 318-0298


At 科罗拉多峡谷漂流 we take your fun seriously without compromising your safety. 还是反过来呢? 不管你怎么读, your visit to Ouray will not be complete without a full - or half - day out canyoning with us. Go down some of Ouray's most iconic waterfalls under supervision of professional canyoning instructors.




(970) 318-6492

Mountain Trip

Mountain Trip is an AMGA accredited guide service that started in Alaska in 1973. 我们训练有素的导游会在您外出的当天带您游览, 不管是爬冰, 野外滑雪, 雪崩教育, rock climbing, peak ascents, 或者菲拉塔大道. Not only do we guide locally, but internationally as well on the world's highest summits. 什么开始作为半天的冒险, 能变成一起登山的终身伴侣吗.

135 W Colorado Ave, Suite 2a Telluride, CO 81435 - Ouray location coming soon!

(970) 369-1153


我们的导游服务在Ouray和Durango都有, 科罗拉多——位于圣胡安山脉的中心. We offer both open registration courses and custom programs designed to fit individual goals. Custom programs allow us the flexibility to structure the curriculum to meet each person or self-organized group’s specific needs and objectives. Either way, your outdoor experience will be not only instructional, but also personalized and fun.


(970) 946-0713

Guiding Services

The best way to experience our backcountry no matter the season is by hiring one of our many professional guides. 他们经验丰富,知识渊博,待人友好. 保持安全,保持教育,#KnowBeforeYouGo

📲 Check COTrip.org

📲 Check weather.gov

📲 Check westslopefireinfo.com


认证IFMGA山地向导, 已经爬了10多年了吗, and are looking to spread their knowledge and skill to those who may have never climbed before, 对于那些希望提高技能的人, 或者是想要展示Ouray所提供的冒险者!

莫谢山指南, 努力提升那些来自边缘群体的人(黑人), Indigenous, 有色人种, ”+社区, and climbers of size) so they can experience adventures such as ice climbing, skiing, 滑雪登山, rock climbing, 还有高山攀登.

(970) 239-1869


Parks & Festivals

我们有很多地方可以带家人去享受自然美景. Take a hike, pack a picnic and relax at one of our beautiful outdoor spaces.


Box Cañon Falls

“盒子Cañon”掉了下来, 我们自己的世界奇迹, is the culmination of Canyon Creek narrowing and spilling thousands of gallons a minute of water over the falls. It is truly a dramatic scene, and one that you can enjoy from both above and below the falls. The "Box Cañon" Box has been designated an important bird area by the National Audobon Society. 地点:离鸟营路不远

Cascade Falls

下喀斯喀特瀑布步道被评为轻松的徒步旅行, which takes you up to the base and last in a series of seven waterfalls that carries snow melt off the mountains and down one of two flumes through Ouray. Loc: 8th Ave

Fellin Park

Fellin Park - the Ouray Hot Springs Park - is located just South of our natural hot mineral springs pool. The gazebo and picnic area are available to groups wishing to rent an area for picnics, 家庭聚会和婚礼. Loc: Hot Springs


Ouray has hosted annual Canyoning Festivals since 2009 and is excited to host the 2022 乌雷峡谷节 held August 10-14.

Ouray Ice Park

体验世界上最好的攀冰场地之一! From mid-December through late-March Ouray is full of climbing activity and good cheer. 访问他们的网站了解更多关于冰节的细节.